Monday, January 17, 2011

kitchen remodel

this is what the kitchen looked like in 2006 and after a bit of paint and some new lighting

and now our brand new, really nice kitchen

and with this, hopefully we're done with remodeling

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


our fabulous hosts. thanks more than I can ever express!

wish Jonathan could have been there

look at Bea's great-grandson, Duncan, smile

best friends

just moments before Luke had his head immersed in the dog's water bowl

DeDe with her granddaughter, Emma

a truly wonderful time. Katie and John were the most fabulous hosts and gave our entire (sorry Jonathan) family an opportunity to gather and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. particularly getting to know the granchillren. some pics below: well maybe above. not too good with this adding pics

Monday, March 1, 2010

more Olympics

An absolutely fabulous trip. Everyone was having a grand time, particularly the Canadian. But at the same time, everybody was most respectful of the other teams and were quick to cheer along at any good move, score, etc. It was just 1 big, happy festival.

The curling finals were great. We started out cheering on the Norwegians as any who wore pants that outrageous deserved to be cheered. But as the game went on, we got caught up with all the excitement on the Canadians. Had great seats high up and in the middle. The guy sitting next to us was a curler from another town who had attended numerous curling events and said we had the best seats to see all the action. He was also most helpful explaining a lot. Very friendly which may have been due to the 7 or 8 beers. the place went crazy at the end (I can only imagine what reaction was after the hockey game.)

However, the highlight was the medal ceremony. the Mounties marched out with the flags which were attached to the bar. After the medals were handed out, the flags went up while the Canadian anthem was played. At least I think it was played as everyone was singing at the top of their lungs.

Vancouver was a great city with plenty of good restaurants. We ate at 2: Blue Water and Le Crocodile. Both were excellent, great service and food. Credit card was smoking though when we left. Should have known as the valets were parking 2 Bentley's @ Crocodile. But what the hell, it was the Olympics after all.
a few pics here and will post the album on Facebook page

Friday, February 26, 2010

olympics 2010

We are now in Vancouver BC for the winter Olympics. this trip was a Christmas present from Debbie. we have tickets for the men's curling finals on Saturday. staying in a condo in the middle of downtown and spent the day yesterday afternoon walking around. a good day as it wasn't raining and there were tons of people around. all sorts of dialects, musicians and exhibits. there is a zip line that runs for 2 city blocks with those zipping screaming the whole way. we walked to the cauldron and had to wait for 30 minutes to get to the viewing stand but great people watching. the buildings are peppered with Canadian flags hanging from balconies, and we heard the entire city explode when the Canadian women won the gold. had a great dinner last night (know that some of you are surprised to learn that) at Blue Water Cafe. Jonathan would have been most impressed as we had a great wine in the funkiest decanter I've ever seen (sorry no pic) - it was two feet tall and we were afraid to touch it. we met the sommelier who was voted best in the city last year.

raining today and not sure what we will be seeing but hopefully will have some comments tomorrow and some pics

Thursday, January 21, 2010


am spending a week in Steamboat. most enjoyable. here with our good friends, Jane & Bill Morton. skiing for me is out as feet don't seem to work anymore. horseback riding yesterday and attaching a few pics. also 1 pic of Debbie at the petting zoo @ the cowboy downhill

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


today we are in Malta. haven't gone ashore as yet. our excursion, a taste for Malta, doesn't begin for another 1 1/2 hours. we were at sea all day yesterday. a most welcome relief. the sky and sea are so blue, it's almost magical.

Sat we were at Rhodes. it was OK. I was a bit nervous about climbing down the 300 steps from the Acropolis there so Debbie and I walked the city of Lindos. very nice and saw an interesting pic of a breakfast item. (Jennie will get a kick out of this pic).
then Sunday to Santorini. didn't have a scheduled excursion and John Baird, Katie & John Schumacher (Louise was a bit under the weather, too much rich food I suspect)went and walked on our own. what a town and even more spectacular was the view, incredible! 3 ways up the 1,100 feet almost straight up to the city; walk, John Baird; tram, nobody and donkey. yes the rest of us were on our respective asses. the ship's brochure described the donkeys as nasty, smelly beasts; but on we went, a few more pics are included.

we had lunch, 2 bottles of wine. Katie and Baird had beer. the view was breathtaking and pics and words fail to describe it properly. a trip back definitely in order. only Debbie took the tram down as the rest walked. there was no way in hell we were going to take those donkeys down!
tomorrow is Mt Aetna and Thurs, Capri. Friday we then go on to Venice while Mother and Daddy fly home.
so far a fabulous trip with more to come

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Alexandria and Cairo were amazing. weather was great but knowing that in July and Aug when it's easily well into the 100's would have been unbearable. lots of history that's really, really old. and I'm talking 2500-2000 b.c. Now that's old!

Alex is without doubt the filthiest place I've ever seen. and squalor, unbelievable. traffic was horrendous as took quite a long while to get out of town. the countryside (about 3.5 hours to Cairo) was equally as amazing.

Cairo, about 17-18mm people, was incredible. particularly after we got to the hotel, the Four Seasons (Debbie said that she was never leaving.) rooms looked out over the Nile. Food was fantastic; and you will not be a bit surprised that the drink has been delicious. had to try the water pipe (Walt will appreciate). had the apple flavor, which was surprisingly mild (a pic should be attached) John Schumacher had the peach which he said was terrible!

we went to the pyramids and Sphinx. also very old. have included a few pics. and yes, we did ride a camel. a pic is also included. now we all look all smiles but let me tell you that was not always the case.!. will have to describe that more in detail later.

have also attached pic of the Sphinx.

this has been an incredible experience and we have all thoroughly enjoyed it and each other's company.

tried to post yesterday but couldn't upload pics. probably more tomorrow as all day at sea. interestingly enough have not even opened kindle.